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CD Recording 2020: Music of the Mexican Baroque!

For our fourth recording, we are venturing into a new era and a new continent!

In this project, we are going to explore the irresistible music of the Mexican Baroque. The aim is to bring to life music that would have been heard in the city of Puebla, at Christmas in the mid-17th century. The centrepiece will be a mass for Christmas Eve by Juan Gutiérrez da Padilla (as yet unrecorded), set alongside festive villancicos, which are forerunners of modern Christmas carols.


This music is highly attractive, with dance-like rhythms throughout that owe much to the numerous ethnic groups (including indigenous Mexicans, Africans and Europeans) all living in the city at this time.

To recreate the sound world of 17th century Puebla, we will be collaborating with the finest young period instrumentalists for this project including Toby Carr and Sergio Bucheli (Guitar), Aileen Henry (Baroque harp), Katie Cowling (Dulcian), Stephanie Muncey-Dyer (Sackbut), Katie de la Matter (Organ) and Tom Hollister (Percussion).

We want to get this music the recognition it deserves. To help us make this happen, we need your help. Below are a list of possible contributions you could make to the project, and tempting rewards you would receive. 

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