‘Without a “Ding-Dong” in earshot, Siglo de Oro appeared at the Spitalfields Music Winter Festival and brightened up a wet and windy evening in east London with unfailingly polished accounts of Advent antiphons at either end of a half-millennium. Pearls of 16th-century polyphony gleamed in their unaccustomed setting within a novel sequence of recent and commissioned work by composers from the UK and US…Siglo de Oro showed why their new recording on Delphian is one of the festive discs of the year.’

– THE ARTS DESK (Spitalfields Winter Music Festival, December 2016)

‘I have been impressed with Siglo de Oro on previous hearings, and remain so. They produce an excellent consort sound, with no individual singers dominating. The 14 singers stood in a half-square, with voice types mixed up, and technique often used in rehearsal to encourage listening, but also very effective in concert. Director Patrick Allies has an engaging conducting style that focuses on the music, rather than self-promotion.’ 

– ANDREW BENSON-WILSON (Spitalfields Winter Music Festival, December 2016)

‘Siglo de Oro is a choir founded by London-based students, and this is its first recording. It’s a debut with a difference… a novel, ungimmicky project, vividly executed.’

BBC MUSIC MAGAZINE *Christmas Choice* (Drop Down Ye Heavens CD Review, December 2016)

‘[the disc] takes its title from Judith Weir’s Drop Down Ye Heavens, an immediately captivating opening number… The different ways in which the contemporary composers integrate the vocal sound of the saxophone is intriguing; the singing’s first class.  An impressive and adventurous debut from the ensemble.’

– BBC RADIO 3 RECORD REVIEW (Drop Down Ye Heavens CD Review, December 2016)

‘That’s the very reason I find Siglo de Oro so invigorating. Professional London start-ups can sound frustratingly generic but this one hits you with its character and depth, and with an approach to blend that doesn’t want to paper over the music’s joins but instead uses voices of similar weight and vibrato to ensure we hear the grind of the parts while never being in any doubt that the ensemble is a single unit.’

– GRAMOPHONE (Drop Down Ye Heavens CD Review, November 2016)

‘This is a most impressive disc. All the new pieces are imaginative and command the listener’s attention. The performances are splendid. Siglo de Oro is a fairly small, mixed-voice ensemble. They seem to me to be equally accomplished in old and new music and the blend and sound of the group is superb…This is highly original and superbly performed. Siglo de Oro have made a most auspicious debut on disc; I look forward keenly to hearing them again.’

– MUSIC WEB INTERNATIONAL (Drop Down Ye Heavens CD Review, November 2016)

‘This is Siglo de Oro’s first commercial recording, and it is a smash hit on all counts. The singing is beautifully shaped in both the renaissance and the contemporary repertoire… Patrick Allies’ direction is precisely detailed and cohesive and yet the choir is always given free reign to express itself with joy and freedom.’

– MUSIC AND VISION (Drop Down Ye Heavens CD Review, November 2016)

‘The real pleasure comes in stepping out of a lift and finding cellist Oliver Coates playing in a corner, or in being led down a thickly carpeted corridor by the superb a cappella chorus (members of Siglo de Oro) who sing Hall’s close harmonies and melodies.’

– THE OBSERVER (Found and Lost, January 2016)

‘There is an excellent chorus (provided by the group Siglo de Oro) very much in the Greek tragedy vein’

– OPERA NOW (Found and Lost, January 2016)

‘Siglo de Oro, under the assured direction of Patrick Allies, performed with vivacity and poise – and perhaps most striking of all, they left their audience with an overarching sense of the shape of sound, highlighting this extra dimension in an already lively concert’

– THE FINANCIAL TIMES (Spitalfields Festival, December 2014)

‘Siglo de Oro sang with a precision and glow that radiated through every crevice of Shoreditch’s noble St Leonard’s Church… I’d happily hear Siglo de Oro sing on every day of the year.’

– THE ARTS DESK (Spitalfields Festival, December 2014)

‘Cristóbal de Morales’s Pastores dicite allowed these singers to show off their comfortable familiarity with this idiom in tone of glowing richness that indeed conjured up a golden era… Jean Mouton’s quietly melismatic writing showcased the well blended yet not unduly homogenised sound of these 14 voices.’

– DAILY TELEGRAPH (Spitalfields Festival, December 2014)

‘The group generally sang in a half circle, with the voices mixed up. This gave them a lovely blend and in fact the radiant tone of the choir with superb mix of voices was one of their notable features.’

– ROBERT HUGILL (Spitalfields Festival, December 2014)

‘The African rhythms of Giles Swayne’s Magnificat were thrilling… Tallis’ O nata lux afforded memorable harmonic astringency at the close.’

– THE SUNDAY TIMES (Spitalfields Festival, December 2014)

‘What an excellent choir Siglo de Oro are. I loved their recent performance of the Advent Antiphons. They are made up of a group of consistently excellent singers who have great choral understanding, so they make a beautiful sound in which every element is technically outstanding.

– RALPH ALLWOOD (Hampstead Christmas Concerts, December 2014)

‘A strikingly youthful group of a dozen or so voices that perform with a straightforward freshness that’s impressive and engaging.’

– THE CATHOLIC HERALD (Bach: St John Passion, April 2012)

‘This young ensemble sang a programme of sacred Renaissance works with such feeling that the effect on the listener was spiritual as well as inspirational…a splendid and talented group.’

– EASTERN DAILY PRESS (St Nicholas’ Great Yarmouth, June 2009)

‘Siglo de Oro specialize in Renaissance and contemporary sacred vocal music, and what experts they are!  The ensemble came across as supremely polished, mastering perfect intonation even in the more contemporary pieces, and fantastic phrasing.’